The Rockit™ Story

Rockit™ Apples from Chelan Fresh are not typical apples. And we don’t consider them to be. Rather, they’re the first deliciously sweet apple that’s naturally grown to be miniature!

They’re the perfect size for kids and the kid in everyone. They’re perfect for on-the-go. They’re perfectly fun to nibble away, right down to the core!

All things considered, they are everything an amazing apple is, but they have their own distinct set of benefits others just don’t!

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The perfect healthy option for your family’s snacking needs!

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Rockit™ Upcycle Challenge

The Challenge went out on a Wednesday with a COVID-19 WFH care kit and instructions to Upcycle a Rockit™ shuttle into your best creation. By the following Monday photos and videos had poured in from over 40 Chelan Fresh employees. Below are the ultra-creative submissions from our Chelan Fresh employees.

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