Rockit™ Apples are the perfect healthy snack made for families on the go and healthy lifestyles. The 3lb. Shuttle pack is the answer for on the go, healthy snacking and is available across the U.S. at many national and regional retail grocery stores. The Rockit™ is also sold in tubes at select Convenience store locations.

Made of 100% Recycled Materials!

90% of plastic packaging in the US is not recycled, but we can all work together to change that statistic. As a start, Rockit Shuttle packs are now made from recycled plastic!

As you eat well, know the Rockit 3lb shuttle is now made of 100% RPET (recycled polyethlene terephthalate). This means that instead of putting virgin plastic into the Supply Chain, we are re-purposing existing plastic that consumers have already purchased and chose to recycle. RPET also uses less energy to produce, making it ec0-friendly in multiple ways.