I am hooked!

“I recently purchased wonderful Rockit apples at my local grocery store store in Ft Wayne, IN. I am not much of an apple lover but I am hooked on these! My whole family LOVES them. Thank you for making such a great product!”

— Michele

Ideal for families

“The Rockit Apple is an ideal apple for families like mine. The packaging makes these apples absolutely ideal for summer day camp snacks. Everyday I send my boys to camp with a tube of Rockit Apples & a water bottle in their backpack side pockets. The innovative packaging is perfect for backpacks! Furthermore, I’m always on the go. Rockit Apples are the perfect snack for calorie-counting moms like myself. I love the size & the flavor.”

— Lori

Best apples evahhhhhh!

“These are the perfect snacking size, or for a side treat, or for cooking. We love them! Can’t seem to get enough of them!”

— Samantha

Tastiest apple

“I recently purchased your Rockit apples at my grocery store. I had never had them before & haven’t seen them since. It is the tastiest apple I have ever ate. They are delicious. I am impressed how long they stay fresh, sweet & juicy. I hope they continue to carry the apples so I have the privilege of having them in my home.”

— Janet

They have the right crunch

“These apples are the best. Our grocery store store had a promotion and when I went back for more they were gone! The size is perfect for children & older people that can’t eat a huge apple. And they have just the right crunch & bite plus the sweet taste. My new favorite apple. It will be like “Christmas” when I can purchase them again!!!”

— Sara

They were a hit!

“Where else can I find Rockit apples in central Indiana? I found them earlier in the summer at my grocery store. They are so delicious! I brought them to work instead of donuts! They were a hit!”

— Liz

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