How to make Vibrant Salads!

How to make Vibrant Salads!

We all know that salads are a healthy meal choice, but let’s face it, they tend to get boring over time. So, how do you make your salads pop? Add fruit for texture and contrasting flavors and an interesting dressing and your taste buds will thank you!

Make Your Own Dressing

There are loads of delicious salad dressing choices on the market but sometimes it’s more economical to make your own in-between grocery store trips, not to mention healthier. Making your own salad dressing is also simple to put together and easy to scale up for a large family of salad eaters.

Most processed salad dressings have hidden sugars and salt in them which can be challenging for people trying to cut back for health reasons. Additionally, many salad dressings contain common allergens such as egg, gluten and soy. With homemade dressing you can rest assured that you know exactly what’s in it.

Kick it up a Notch with Apples

Not only are you adding a serving of fruit to your meal, and who doesn’t want that, but adding a handful of diced apples to your salad adds a crisp texture, fresh flavor and extra fiber to your greens.

Ingredients for Maximum Pop!

When choosing your salad ingredients, think about foods with contrasting textures and flavors. For instance, sweet apples pair well with salty, tangy foods like feta or blue cheese, as well as spicy greens such as Arugula. Tart apples are a perfect match for mild and creamy foods such as goat cheese and butter lettuce.

Your dressing ingredients can also play a major role in your salad’s flavor profile. The same rules of contrast apply to dressings; the sweetness in the apples stands up well to the tartness of the vinegar creating a vibrant contrast in flavors. Creamy dressings with yogurt or sour cream tone down tart apples, and toasted nuts compliment sweet flavors. When it comes to oils, try different flavors such as lemon or walnut oil to add a different twist.

Check out some of our vibrant salad suggestions below to help you keep your salad game strong throughout the year:

SugarBee® Apple Slaw with Citrus Chia Seed Dressing (photo above)

Tasting Notes: The sweetness of the SugarBee® apples brings a bright contract to the bitter cabbage and spicy radishes giving the salad more balance. The lemon oil stands up to the sweetness of the apple while the white wine vinegar does not overwhelm the lemon and apple flavors allowing the sweet-tart flavor profiles to shine through.

Rockit™ Apple, Bacon and Blue Cheese Flatbread

Adding an arugula salad with balsamic dressing on top of this flatbread makes this meal a healthy lunch, appetizer or dinner for the whole family. Rockit apples are sweet and mildly acidic, making them a perfect compliment to tart and tangy flavors like the balsamic vinegar and blue cheese which are higher in acidity and stronger in flavor. It’s the ultimate sweet and savory combination!

Candied Walnut Bacon Apple Salad with Lucy™ Glo Apple Vinaigrette 

The show stopping Lucy apples are known for their tangy and slightly sweet flavor profile. Lucy apples pair well with the creamy, warm flavors of the toasted walnut oil and bacon, which mellows out the tartness of the apple. The red wine vinegar adds just enough acidity to the walnut oil so it stands up to the sweetness of the apples.

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