Give Some Rockits™ This Holiday Season

Give Some Rockits™ This Holiday Season

Wondering what to give your friends and neighbors this holiday season? Pick up a couple of Rockit™ Apple shuttles at your local market for easy and healthy gift giving. Here is why we think these little apple gems make the perfect gift for everyone on your list:


The gift of health

We all know the holidays are especially trying when it comes to eating a healthy diet. Loads of sugar and calorie-laden treats start showing up on everyone’s desk and doorstep this time of year. Because of their small size, the Rockit™ apples weigh in at a low calorie count, roughly 60 calories per apple. But they still pack in a good serving of vitamins and minerals, not to mention fiber. These delicious little apples are something every gift recipient will find delightful.

Photo credit: Truong Nguyen


Everyone loves them

Rockit™ apples are sweet, crunchy and easy to eat in just a few bites, making them the perfect snack for kids and adults alike. Drop a shuttle off for your hairdresser, cat-sitter, neighbor, mail delivery person, and anyone who would like a bucket of cheer this season! 


Make fun treats

If you prefer to give homemade gifts for the holidays, the Rockit™ apples are the perfect size for making tasty little treats. From edible wreaths to candied ornaments, and miniature hand-dipped caramel apples, there is something for everyone. Check out our Rockit™ recipes section on our website for lots of homemade gift ideas. 


Repurpose or recycle

Not only is the Rockit™ shuttle made with 100% recycled plastic to start with, the package is recyclable after use as well. But the plastic shuttle can easily be repurposed around the house too. Check out our suggestion for the handy household uses HERE.

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