How to Upcycle Your Rockit™ Shuttle

How to Upcycle Your Rockit™ Shuttle

Once you have reached the bottom of your Rockit™ Shuttle, don’t toss it into the recycle bin just yet. We have some ideas on how to keep your home organized using our Rockit™ Apple Shuttle. Call it spring cleaning, tidying up, or decluttering; everybody could benefit from a little time spent getting life in order.


The kitchen is full of loose odds and ends that take up valuable space on our counters or in our kitchen’s cupboards and drawers. Use our Rockit™ Shuttle for storing everything from napkins, Mason jar lids, cleaning supplies or all the little do-dads that end up in the “junk” drawer. Not only can using the Shuttle free up drawer space but it makes it easier to transport to the dinner table or wherever you need items to go.


Some products seem to find a permanent home in the back of our medicine cabinets or linen closets. Using our Rockit™ to store similar items together means you will be able to keep your products organized and visible.

Craft Supplies

Most homes only have a small space in the hall closet where crafts supplies live. Organizing them in tubs makes for easy access as well as fast cleanup. Add labels on the front with masking tape so the kids can find what they need without rifling through bins.


Tools often find their way into the far reaches of the garage. Help your “home-fixer” out by creating an orderly system for their tools and supplies. It might even motivate them to get more projects done around the house!

Stay tuned for more ways to use your empty Rockit™ Shuttle in our upcoming months. Tell us what ideas you have come up with, share it on your social media and tag us. We would love to know!

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