Halloween apple recipes to make with kids

Halloween apple recipes to make with kids

Witches, pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs, trick-or-treating and… apples! Yes, Halloween is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get kids excited about eating apples.

While bobbing for apples is a Halloween classic, we’ve come up with some more original and kid-friendly Halloween recipes and crafts featuring this fan-favorite fruit.

Halloween apple recipes and edible crafts

Chocolate Rockit® apple spiders 

Our very own mini Rockit® apples make perfectly adorable little chocolate spiders! Kids can help thanks to our easy recipe and craft instructions. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Halloween apple “bites” 

These scary toothy apple “bites” use slivered almond as teeth. A very healthy Halloween snack that’s suitable for vegan and lactose-intolerant kids. 

Source: Oh She Glows 

Apple pie mummy slices 

Watch out for the mummies! Wrap strips of store-bought dough around peeled apple quarters to make these original little monsters. 

Source: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Dessert nachos 

Sliced apples are drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with sweet treats! Let kids choose their own toppings for extra fun. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Sticky-sweet caramel apples 

These caramel-dipped apples sprinkled with nuts and candy corn will be a surefire hit. Using store-bought caramel makes this recipe a cinch.  

Source: Gooseberry Patch 

Shrunken heads in cider 

Spooky carved apple heads floating in cider. A show stopping recipe that is as decorative as it is tasty. 

Source: Martha Stewart

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