Rockit™ Upcycle Challenge

Let the Competition Begin!

The Challenge went out on a Wednesday with a COVID-19 WFH care kit and instructions to Upcycle a Rockit™ shuttle into your best creation. By the following Monday photos and videos had poured in from over 40 Chelan Fresh employees. Below are the ultra creative submissions from our Chelan Fresh employees.

Most Up-Standing – Best Overall

Winner – Submission 9, Chick House | Runner Up – Submission 1, Swing Set

Rise Up – Most Creative

Winner – Submission 2, Fish Tank | Runner Up – Submission 19, The Rockit Lamp

Held Up – Most Functional

Winner – Submission 3, Reusable Bag Dispenser | Runner Up – Submission 21, Deer Blind Buddy

Spiffed Up – Fanciest Design

Winner – Submission 11, Stone Covered Planter | Runner Up – Submission 34, Rope Planter

Jacked Up – Biggest Piece of Junk

Winner – Submission 23, Social Distance Mask | Runner Up – Submission 14, Urn Receptacle

Chelan Fresh People’s Choice

Winner – Submission 5, Terrarium Planter

Walmart Gold Star

Winner – Submission 9, Chick House

Video Submissions

Rise Up – Most Creative

Held Up – Most Functional

Chelan Fresh People’s Choice

Most Up-Standing Walmart Gold Star

Spiffed Up – Fanciest Design

Photo Submissions

Submission 16, Bait Box
Submission 17, Cereal Bowl

Rockit shuttles make for a great cereal bowl on the go. The only better way to eat cereal would be out of a Yeti dog bowl.

Submission 18, Picnic Kit

Be ready for your next impromptu picnic, tailgate party, or quick meal in your car before dropping your kids off at basketball practice. This convenient kit you can leave in your car and uses an upcycled Rockit Shuttle container and dividers to keep your supplies organized, such as forks, spoons, knives, napkins, hand sanitizer, bottle opener, shelf stable condiments, or any items you desire to be prepared for your next take out meal.

Submission 19, The Rockit Lamp

I used 2 strands of LED string lights and 2 sheets of white tissue paper, (could use other colors). I cut a hole in the lid and tied a small rope to it.

Could be used outside as a hanging lamp, or inside as a centerpiece.

Submission 20, Wine Bucket
Submission 21, Deer Blind Buddy
Submission 22, Egg Container

UpCycling my Rockit containers by putting my fresh chicken eggs in…Just love it.

Submission 23, Social Distance Mask
Jacked Up – Biggest Piece of Junk

Submission 24, Piggy Bank

For my Shuttle-Up Contest entry, I decided to turn my Rockit Shuttle container into a Piggy Bank! I think that young kiddos would look forward to finishing their Rockit apples so that they can use the container to decorate and create their own piggy bank! A Piggy Bank is a great way for kids to learn the importance of saving up their money! A fun art project to do at home during quarantine while everyone is out of school!

Submission 25, Flower Centerpiece

I took the box and used it to create a flower arrangement. I used decorative ducktape to decorate the outside, cut out foam for the inside and stuck the flowers in the foam. Finally, sat the box on the lid and placed some rocks around it.

Submission 26, Apple Birdhouse

The perch has an apple on it. The roof is made up of two Rockit™ shuttle lids, shingles are dehydrated Rockits™.

Submission 27, Dog Treat Container

Using all recycled items found around the house, including the dog. Looking for a way to store the dog bones without costing me money.

This is a great art project for the kids to do. My chocolate lab (Rocky) was very happy, waiting patiently for me to finish. It’s a nice addition to the counter top in the kitchen where the rest of the family keeps their snacks.

Submission 28, Plant Protector

Rockit™ shuttle used as a young or tender plant frost protector. I would need a lot of these.

Submission 29, Mock Bird Feeder


Submission 30, Indoor Golf Hole

I created some practice golf holes for indoor use during times like quarantine. Never can practice too much!

Submission 31, Herb Garden

As we were coming up with idea’s we tried to think about ways we would have reused the shuttle when we lived in Bellevue and the one thing that stuck out was an herb garden for the kitchen.

Submission 32, Clorox Wipes

Homemade Clorox wipes with container

  • Clorox/water on roll of paper towels
  • Place in rocket shuttle
  • Cut X in the middle of the lid and place on container
Submission 33, Napkin Holder

After enjoying the last ROCKIT!

Don’t toss the container, it makes a lightweight

Paper napkin holder!

Submission 34, Rope Planter

The easy to create planter was built with three simple items I had around the house. I took some white cording, soaked it in coffee to create the desired color, wrapped it around the shuttle container and glued with hot glue gun. Added some different sized rope for contrast along with a bow.

Submission 35, Hanging Planter

What a better way to upcycle the rocket shuttle than turning it into an eco-friendly planter. You can plant any type of your favorite plants, herbs or garden veggies! A beautiful hand-braided handle makes the at home garden a wonderful and fresh home accessory. I personally love vines and growing my own everyday use of herbs. Lemongrass tea anyone?

Submission 36, Egg Holder

My family put together about 12 different ideas to use the container for…. From the first thing that popped into our heads, which was as a face mask (which was runner up for us).

We decided that the target audience that we are trying to attract with the rockit shuttle is a busy family with children. We decided that they probably wouldn’t spend time modifying the container, that may also be health conscience and ultimately we went with what mom said was what she would use it for.

Makes an Eggscellent egg carrier to get your personal chicken eggs from the hen house… Convenient size, easy to fill with eggs that may have some goop on them and if you forget it outside, not a big deal…. This is one of the uses we would use it for.

Submission 37, Resealable Lid

A mock up of a Top Seal Rockit, obviously the film on top so the Rockit Shuttle could be Re-used.

Submission 38, Mini House

Let’s get crafting !! With the passion my 8 and 9 year old have for up-cycling, we were determined to create this landscape based on what we are and have in our community. Trees, apples, and our lake are important in our region. A sight worth to see on a daily basis !! We also didn’t want to forget about our sugar bee!

Submission 39, Cookie Jar
Submission 40, Mini Cooler

Here it is! The Rockit Mini Cooler! At this point in the design process the handle is just for looks as it started to rip while supporting the weight of the plastic, we expect great things from the Rockit Mini Cooler 2.0. If you look closely you will notice a very important design feature that involves the lid. In this design it doubles as a mini cooler stand but more importantly it insulates the cooler from hot surfaces, this will keep your beverages cooler longer!

Submission 41, Rockithole

Please open the PowerPoint for more information. There is a video hidden behind the bottom right hand photo if you click twice on it sometimes you can get it to play.

View Powerpoint

Submission 42, Secret Bro Stash
Submission 43, Faux Gold Planter

The final product turned out well! Our neighbor thought it was a real pot!

Submission 44, Bucket of Stellas

The best on the fly ice bucket around.